Nibi: Spirit of the Water

Thanks to my niece Bridgid Roney for sharing this story of her encounter with an ancient water spirit.   Read on:

Years ago, I carried my infant down a secret forest path from the cliffs of Tulalip down to the bay…

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Raven Bait

Again, thanks to Kurt Dunbar. for this exceptional story!  Ravens are truly wondrous birds, so full of mischief, and mystery.  Read on: 


Certain days just come together in an unpredictable and magical pattern. We all have them and they are…

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Cougar Encounters 

These cougar accounts were submitted by Beth Redman. Cougars are to me one of the great mysteries of the wilderness.  Stealth, reclusive, and curious. Read on:

I am not so young anymore, but then I am not so old yet…

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A Day To Remember by Kurt Dunbar

Thank you Kurt for submitting this story.  This is thoroughly riveting with a shocking twist!  Enjoy:

I was jarred out of my sleep by the knock on the front door. Through groggy eyes I looked at the clock thinking, “oh…

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