Trip to Neah Bay

My kids and I camped for two nights at Hobuck Beach, where the wind howled nonstop.   The beaches were empty, and beside a few dogs making the rounds, there was not a whole lot of activity.   In other words, it was perfect. 

Gazing southward through the mist at the ghostly spires past Shi Shi Beach known as Point of Arches, I felt the subtle yearning for a full pack and three or four days to wander those desolate beaches south to the Ozette River or beyond. 


Gazing Northward from Cape Flattery, Vancouver Island was a blue dreamscape seems to stretch infinitely to the edge of the earth. 

We explored the area, played some music around the fire, and did a little fly fishing off the jetty. 

Casey caught a beautiful rockfish we added to our dinner.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude to the Makah People and how they welcome us whenever we visit their their sacred lands.   

It was a privilege to visit this special place, and something I will always cherish.