One Last Look


The following story is a great reminder to always look back (unless you're running for your life I suppose).   You never know what you might otherwise miss.  Thanks to Beth Redman for submitting this:                                                                    

I hiked the estuary loop at Sitka Sedge today.  They had fixed the trail that had been closed since last fall, and I am happy it is now open.  I hung out at the bench at the estuary, watching for possible eagles.  A young eagle, a juvenile but old enough to have a white head, had got real close to me the year before at that same spot.  Then I hiked onward to the beach. 

Feeling light and happy I found a nice log just within the dunes watching the waves, hoping I might catch a glimpse of the migrating gray whales on their journey northward. Before long, it was time to go.  I started hiking out, before my intuition told me I should take one last look at the ocean.  I took off my pack and set it down in the sand.


I was immensely rewarded to see the blow of a whale!  Getting out binoculars, I kept looking.  Then I saw more gray whales in the same location!  I confirmed these were indeed whales, at least two, as I was lucky enough to see the fins! 

I will always remember to take one last look whenever I return to this magical spot.